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UPDATE: The Kickstarter campaign was a success! Thanks to all the backers, we’ll be organising screenings of the 18th Annual Show of Shows in London in the near future! Stay tuned!


Hello London!


Amongst the many amazing things to see at FMX this year, we made sure we caught the 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows. It’s a great compilation of the latest short-form animation marvels, a truly magical moment.


This year we also met Ron Diamond, Producer & Curator of the Show. We agreed to screen the 18th Edition in London for you all when it’s released!


But Ron needs our help to make it a reality with the power of crowdfunding! I’ll let his words take over below and in the Kickstarter video intro.





Exemplary animated shorts capture our imagination, they make us laugh, cry and feel empowered! But many of the best animated shorts are rarely seen outside of festivals.


In creating the family friendly theatrical feature, the Animation Show of Shows, it is my mission to bring these marvels of animation into theaters. Thanks to our supporters last year, we played in 47 cities in the US, Canada, Australia and in South Africa and now we are booking dates in Barcelona, Montreal, Cairo, Moscow, Rome, Paris, Berlin, and other major metropolitan and many smaller regional areas.


With the funds we received last year, we paid for rights to the filmmakers and produced four mini documentaries that made The 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows a critical success! This year we are working to grow our audiences so The 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows can become more sustainable and become independent of crowd sourced funding. Alas, we are not there yet and I am reaching out to you to help us continue with this mission.


This has become an international arts community-wide referendum to create a distribution network for independent animated shorts and bring their messages of poetry, beauty, inspiration and empowerment to new audiences. Together, we have the power to make it happen.


I would be grateful if you would check out our fundraising campaign today at and chip in to help us reach our goal which is dangerously close with just hours to go!


Ron Diamond,

The Animation Show of Shows, Inc.