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Third Party Event

3ds London | 3D User Group

November 06
Truckles | Free | 7.00pm - 9.00pm

We are pleased to announce the presenters are booked for the next meetup on November 6th.
Please remember to RSVP on the Meetup page so the organisers and venue can plan for the night.
We have a new host!
Please come and support Ioanna Ivanova who is one of our co-organisers and has agreed to step up as a host. She is also a board member of Siggraph London and plans to bring more VFX and CGI to our Meetup adding to our expanding diversity, which is very exciting!
Headline Presentations for November 6th
Tomorrow AB
‘The past, the present and the future’
Tomorrow AB Is a global brand agency promoting unbuilt architecture through high-end imagery and storytelling. Originating from Sweden they develop visual strategies and visual communication for some of the biggest and most important projects of our time.
INK is an award-winning production studio based in London specialising in CGI, Animation and Retouching. They will be showcasing their latest and greatest projects.
Rob Walsh, head of visualisation at PriestmanGoode, will be talking about the role of Visualisation in the Transport Industry and a general overview of PG CGI and VFX work.
First-time Presentation (Sponsored)
Animated Storyboards have stepped up as our first-timers this month. This global studio has been around since 2001 so great to finally have them introduce themselves!
Please contact us via the meetup page to book or bring your work on the night. The presentation must be short and not exceed 5 minutes. Our sponsors SiNi Software will reward you with a free license of All Access, a collection of 14+ 3ds Max plugins. https://www.sinisoftware.net/
Hire or be hired
If you have jobs on offer that you would like us to publish, please post these to the meetup group discussions board and we’ll be sure to share. Also please note that CGPress now offers free job postings, https://cgpress.org/jobs
Industry News
If you have any news you wish us to share at the start of the evening, please get in touch before the meetup if you want it included in our presentation.
Thank you to our Sponsors:
AMD, https://www.amd.com/en
SiNi Software, https://www.sinisoftware.net/
Bluegfx, https://www.bluegfx.com/
Yellowdog, https://yellowdog.co/
Render Recruitment, https://www.render.london/
CGPress, https://cgpress.org/
Who should attend; Everyone interested in 3D architectural visualisation, 3D design, immersive VR, advertising CGI, animation and visual effects.
If you would like to present at 3ds London please get in touch to discuss opportunities.