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Bring Your Own Animation – April 2018

April 16
The Lukin | Free | 6.30pm - 10.00pm

Bring Your Own Animation is an event taking place every month at The Lukin pub, 4 Conway Street in London.

Anyone can bring their animation or just come to share their passion (and have a few drinks).


If you are a student, an autodidact or a professional who’s working on a shot or a reel, bring your work and get feedback from Professional Animators.

Bring your work on your laptop/tablet or USB, Hard-drive or make sure your uploads are up to date as we also have access to Wifi!


We’re changing things up and switching to Eventbrite to organise and better anticipate how many mentors we’d need per night. So please sign up on Eventbrite if you’re planning on coming with something to show would like feedback!

Of course you can still come for just the socialising and drinking fun times : )