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Bring Your Own Comp November 2021

November 09
Online | Free | 7.00pm - 8.00pm
‘Bring Your Own Comp’ is part of the bring your own work series and is a fantastic opportunity to get feedback on your work and network.

This will be an online event, which will take place on zoom and we are working along with Foundry to bring you this exciting experience!


Anyone can show their comps or join the event regardless of what part of the industry you work in. If you are a student, an autodidact or a professional who is working on a personal shot for your reel, bring your work and get personal feedback from Professional Compositors. Please do not bring comps from official companies in which you do not own the work. This event is for personal work only.


We recommend you have your work ready on https://syncsketch.com/ Sync Sketch if it’s not already online for review. We will have a main Zoom room where we will all hang out and you can be paired up with a mentor into a breakout room where you can get 1-1 feedback for a set amount of time.


If you are new to Zoom, we have created a short video to guide you through the basics and some details on how we will manage the feedback session this evening. Please watch the video below if you have a minute.


We are happy to have wonderful mentors on board – Victor Perez, Hugo Guerra, Josh Parks, Catarina Gonçalves, Chris Fryer, Jessica Smith, Pedram Razi, Gianne Yap, Jamie Bellamy, Colin Eade, Igor Gama and more!


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