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ECHO Short Film Premiere – Victor Perez

September 19
The Mayfair Hotel | Free | 7.00pm - 10.00pm

This event is made possible by FOUNDRY, and drinks will be available after the event.



A short film written and directed by Victor Perez– a girl wakes up in the middle of
nowhere to see in a mirror her reflection ten seconds ahead of her time. When she wakes
up again the nightmare has just started over.



Production Notes About the Visual Effects Pioneering Technology
ECHO features a pioneering motion control technology developed at Stiller Studios
(Stockholm, Sweden) –by Tomas Tjernberg and Tomas Wall– synchronising for the first time
two motion control rigs: the massive and pixel-accurate Cyclops® and the fastest and
versatile Bolt®, both manufactured by the highly regarded Mark Roberts.




The synchronisation algorithm allowed the filmmakers to tell this story in a very specific way:
just 5 long takes. All takes from both motion control rigs were shot contemporarily to create
the effect of a virtual mirror.


Once the sync was pitch perfect Stiller Studios worked closely with Victor Perez to accomplish the highest challenge: a reflection in the mirror out of sync
in relation with the hero camera and vari-speed to alter the time within the reflected image
but maintaining always the angle of reflection in relation to the main camera.




Months of research and development, rehearsals and planning were necessary to accomplish the
“Echo Mirroring FX”.
Stiller Studios –owned by Patrik Forsberg– brought a state of the art motion control
technology featuring a 3D virtual representation of their real sound stage to allow the
filmmakers design a choreography with the actress to match the virtual world to the real
one and viceversa, with visual feedback in real time.


A teamwork effort of narrative visual effects to capture a complex vision in a simple cinematic way.

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