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Film Night: Dracula (1958)

October 27

Dracula (1958)

“One of the most revolting horror films I have seen in years.” (Daily Express review, 1958).

Filmed in lurid technicolour for the first time, Hammer’s sexually charged Gothic nightmare blew away the black and white cobwebs of all previous versions and, with dripping blood and bared fangs, reinvented the image of the Count.

Christopher Lee’s snarling, hissing portrayal became a model on how to transform a well-known character. His hot blooded animal instincts contrast brilliantly with Peter Cushing’s cool scientific rationalism in the role of Van Helsing.

A watershed moment in the history of on-screen eroticism and gore, the film was key to the development of the horror film, sending shock waves through the decades that followed. It retains much of its bite today.

This event will feature an introduction by Gareth Miles and the screening of the movie. Refreshments will be available.

Doors will open at 6:30 PM.

*Access: The Museum is only accessible by a 52-step spiral staircase.