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Worldwide Animation Competition – ‘Escape From Earth’  – EXTENDED Poster

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Worldwide Animation Competition – ‘Escape From Earth’ – EXTENDED

November 23

In partnership with SyncSketch, Anim School, Ramon Arango.



We are very excited to announce a Global Animation Competition with the topic – ‘Escape From Earth’ – we have world-famous animation judges, prizes from renowned animation companies and much more!



Theme: Escape from Earth

Start Date: 20th July 2020

End Date: 23rd of November 2020 11.30 PM


Length: minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 seconds (quality before quantity, don’t bite more than you can chew).

Animation rig: Please download Malcolm rig from the following link and follow the rules what you can & can’t do, this applies to this competition as well.   https://www.animschool.edu/DownloadOffer.aspx


Submission: You can simply upload your submission at https://syncsketch.com/. Then you will have to fill up your application through Eventbrite and provide us Syncsketch link to your creation.


Animators can choose to do a fully body-mechanics shot, or a fully acting shot, or a mix of both. Animators can choose existing audio from any medium or record audio themselves.
Animators may add environment and props to their shots, but the quality of those props sets will not influence the final decision for the winner. We want animators to focus on the animation and use whatever they want to add to their shots as far as it is not offensive or illegal.


Animations will be judged by: Quality, Originality, Idea, Appeal, Acting, Body-MechanicsAnimations will not be judged by: Length (as long as it’s inside the 5-15 second). Render or any other addition to the shot (other departments work) besides animation. Playblasts are just as fine as fully rendered shots. Only the animation will be under scrutiny.


Good luck!



Competition Judges:



Andrew Gordon:

Andrew Gordon has been working in the animation industry professionally since 1994. Joining Warner Bros. Classics in 1995, later joining Pixar Animation Studios in 1997. There he worked on A Bug’s LifeToy Story 2 and 3Monsters Inc, Monster U. Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, The Incredibles 1 and 2 and Ratatouille among many other projects and films.  Some of the characters he led include Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Gill, from Finding Nemo and Edna Mode, the costume designer in “The Incredibles.” He was Supervising Animator for the academy award-nominated short “Presto”. Andrew was a directing animator on Monsters University and other projects. Andrew recently was a director in the promo group creating material for films such as Incredibles 2. After 20 years at Pixar, he left Pixar to explore the next chapter abroad. After a brief stint in Paris at Illumination, he is currently the Head of Animation (features) at Dneg, an academy award-winning studio in London.

He was awarded “Outstanding Character Animation in an

Animated Motion Picture” by the Visual Effects Society for his work in Finding Nemo. Andrew is also the creator of the secret spaces at Pixar: the Love Lounge, Lucky 7 and Hearth Lounge.

Since 2000, Andrew has been passionate about teaching the next generation of animators, lecturing throughout the world on Animation, Story & Character. Andrew also works with businesses such as SalesForce, Pinterest,  & Deloitte to teach them about creative culture and storytelling. Andrew is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. He lives in London with his wife and two children.




Marion Strunck

Marion Strunck studied Character Animation at the Animation Workshop in Denmark and is currently Lead Animator at Framestore in London. She worked on several films including Mowgli, Ready Player One, Detective Pikachu and His Dark Materials.






Ere Santos

Ere is a Canadian Animator who has been working in feature films for 3 years. He has worked at well-renowned studios such as Sony, Pixar, MPC, and DNEG. Ere’s greatest passion is in character animation and performance. He currently works as a Senior Animator at Jellyfish Pictures in London.





Simone Giampaolo

Simone Giampaolo is a London-based director and animator with an insatiable appetite for storytelling. In 2013 he graduated with Distinction from the BA(Hons) Computer Animation Arts course at the National Centre for Computer Animation in Bournemouth (UK).

Between 2014 and January 2018 Simone has been working as animation director and CG generalist in the commercial department at Blue-Zoo Animation on a multitude of projects for clients such as Cartoon Network, Disney, LEGO, Nickelodeon, Marvel, Lucasfilm and BBC. After finishing crafting a mini-series at Jellyfish Pictures in London, he’s now directing a commissioned short at Aardman Animations (which has been representing him as short-form director since 2018).




Rodrigo Costa

Rodrigo Costa is an animator based in London. He has worked both in VFX (ILM, Framestore, MPC) and feature animation (Illumination and where he currently works, DNEG) His passion for animating is only rivalled by his passion for talking about animation and analyzing it.









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Apollo & Artemis characters rigs by Ramon Arango

Ramon is a professional character animator since he did a modelling/rigging internship at Pixar in 2017, he wanted to make 2 fully rigged and articulated characters; A to Z.





We are excited to see your creations!


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