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Third Party Event

Modelling a Digi Double – CAVE Academy

June 11
Online | Free | 6.00pm - 7.00pm

Modelling a Digi Double

Guest Speaker: Christopher Antoniou

Webinar starts on
11.06.2021, AT 18:00 BST


Working from actor scan data is now a common task in the VFX and gaming industry. In this masterclass, Christopher Antoniou will give you a quick but complete tour on how to go from a production-quality scan that has been kindly provided by Clear Angle Studios to a clean production-ready model.

Chris will first cover prepping the model and scan alignment by wrapping a base mesh to the scan data. He’ll then continue to make model tweaks to bring the geometry to a ready state for texturing and rigging.

Creating a production-ready model from a scan may seem easy, but without a solid workflow in place, it can be tricky to get right. Join us for this ‘digi-double’ workflow fly-through where you’ll be able to see industry techniques at play, and worthy tips and tricks to help push your assets to the next level.

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