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Third Party Event

Q-VFX Spring Fling

May 04
MPC, Soho | 7.00pm - 10.00pm
Come and meet some queers and have a couple of beers!

About this event

Following a long hiatus we are happy to be able to bring back our events and to serve our community of LGBTQ+ people in VFX, Animation and Games.

We are starting with our first event of the year which will be a casual gathering with no set agenda at the MPC Sky-bar in Soho as a way for all of us to reconnect with old acquaintances and friends and to make new ones.

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved with don’t hesitate and join us. If you feel that you don’t always see the representation you expect at these types of events then bring a friend that you think might enjoy this too!

Drinks will be provided courtesy of MPC.

We can’t stay silent and not address the horrific scenes that the world has been witnessing in Ukraine. This has saddened all of us and we cannot imagine what people there are going through. In particular we have think of the LGBTQ people that are also badly affected by the war.

If you have the means we would like to encourage you to do donate to Outright and their LGBTIQ Ukraine fund to help out people adversely affected by the war in Ukraine:

ACCESS: VFX along with a group of like-minded folks from the VFX, Animation and Games community are thrilled to introduce QVFX, an inclusive LGBTQI+ community hub where both our staff and aspiring talent can access information, events, mentorship and support.

With an official ‘Queer VFX’ kickoff party in June 2019, we are working towards growing a supportive queer community/space that travels with you wherever you go, with regular meet-ups, outreach and events, all in the spirit of ACCESS: VFX’s core mission of actively pursuing and encouraging inclusion, diversity and opportunity across our incredible visual effects, animation and games industries.

QVFX is run by a diverse group of people from different companies, positions and backgrounds and we cannot wait to share more with you!

You can join in the conversation by joining our Q-VFX Facebook Group and following our Instagram account.

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