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Third Party Event


April 18
The Others | 15 | 7.00pm - 10.00pm

This event welcomes Rogue One editor Colin Goudie and Doctor Who costume designer Hayley Nebauer.


Colin Goudie edited ROGUE ONE, the hugely successful STAR WARS prequel and 2016’s biggest film. With co-editors John Gilroy and Jabez Olssen, he played a major part in is production. He is also the editor of ROGUE ONE director Gareth Edwards’ debut feature, the acclaimed MONSTERS, released in 2010. Colin has been an editor for over twenty-five years, including for television, short films and documentaries.This interview will largely provide an exclusive insight into the making of ROGUE ONE.


Hayley Nebauer is the costume designer of this year’s season of DOCTOR WHO and the 2016 Christmas special. Through her work on the series, she played a major role in the look of the characters. Previously, she was the costume designer on the BBC series THE MUSKETEERS. She has designed costumes for a wide range of films and has been a costume maker on films such as MUNICH, THOR: THE DARK WORLD, CINDERELLA and Tim Burton’s DARK SHADOWS. For further info on Hayley, visit www.hayleynebauer.com